known in denver as an adventurous performer, ryan fiegl’s output includes solo classical guitar, chamber music, rock, jazz, blues, country, and experimental music. his music has been described as everything from post minimalistic to atmospheric and ambient to shoegazy sludge rock fusion. 

ryan has been an active educator in colorado for over a decade, teaching various guitar styles and techniques, composition, theory, and history. in the classroom and studio he creates an environment that is built on inclusivity and accessibility to music for all and cultivates classroom culture that is openly aware of the racism, appropriation, and sexism within music and its history.   

he is a regular contributor with the playground ensemble as an educator and a performer, is a frequent collaborator with chad(zilla) johnson, the bret sexton quartet, and is a former member of lost walks. ryan also plays lead guitar in reptiles and samurai – denver’s own oingo boingo tribute band and his past also includes work with brilliant composer and singer/songwriter jessica mays

ryan is currently an affiliate professor at regis university.

photo credit: @matthewheersink

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