Known in Denver as an adventurous performer and composer, Ryan Fiegl’s output includes rock, jazz, free improvisation, blues, country, and also solo classical guitar and chamber music. His sound has been described as immersive and cavernous with bursts of visceral energy but also colorful and at times subtle.

Ryan is currently curating his first project as a leader with all original compositions and features creative efforts from Hunter Roberts, Amy Shelley, and Michael John McKee. He is also the lead guitarist of the murder-rock-gothic-opera collective Lost Walks and is a frequent collaborator with The Bret Sexton Quartet. His recent past also includes work with Jessica Mays, a brilliant composer and singer/songwriter now residing in New York City. Ryan can also be found in the Oingo Boingo cover band, Reptiles and Samurai and there are plans for a new collaborative project with Rebekah Durham, David Thomas Bailey, and Chad Johnson that hopes to debut fall 2019.    

Also an educator, Ryan’s teaching encourages the development of a personal voice through discovery and experimentation. He has worked with The Playground Ensemble, Colorado Symphony Orchestra, and the New York Philharmonic bringing children in elementary schools the Young Composer’s Program – a curriculum designed to drive empowerment though creativity and also raise exposure to modern music. 

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