3/7/2019 – Lost Walks at The Blue Bird Theater
Support for The Widow’s Bane

2/8/2019 – Lost Walksinto the Wilderness (documentary by Hali Webb)
Screening at LFX Filmworks

12/21/2018 – Ryan Fiegl with Hunter Roberts and Amy Shelley at The Walnut Room
Support for The Dave King Trio

12/7/2018 – Lost Walks at LFX Filmworks
Wolf, Woman, Man, Beer – Full performance with beer pairings from Trve and Ratio

11/24/2018 – The Art of the State at The Walnut Room
Guitar driven music by Dave Devine, Ryan Fiegl, and Roger Green (with many friends)

10/31/2018 – Lost Walks at Marquis Theater
Support for Amigo the Devil and Harley Poe